Below is an interactive map of our active HealingStrong empowered groups.  Groups are constantly being added, so be sure to check back here for the most current group locations. If you’d like to start a group in your city, just click the Start a Group button below the map to apply.

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HealingStrong Leadership Guide

We believe healing is a personal journey that is best traveled together – by empowered, connected, and educated individuals. One of the ways we support you in this journey is through educational resources.  The HealingStrong Leadership Guide is our first step with you in this process.  Whether you are leading a group or beginning your research journey for your own healing, our leadership guide is a safe, accurate, and concise place to begin.

Our HealingStrong Leadership Guide is designed to be a complete, all-in-one resource to help you, the leader, get your HealingStrong group started and thriving.

Structured connection groups and encouragement from those who have used natural strategies!
Detailed leader’s guide with instructions on how to start a group (including tips from leaders who have done it!)
12 scripted monthly lessons with group activities and discussion questions.
12-months’ worth of shareable recipes and affirmation cards with scripture.
Links to over 250 natural healing resources.
Video summary library to dozens of holistic healing videos.

Team huddles/support calls with group leaders and mentors, along with a HealingStrong cloud that offers resources and videos.
Marketing and branding with an organization that has its site on hosting a group in every city, every state and every country around the world.

Commitment to getting our resources into other languages.  We are currently translating our guide and processes into Spanish

A Look Inside HealingStrong

Round tables were made for connection.
Christine and Lynn lead our Gainesville group.
Provided handouts for our group's lesson.
Connection and support within our groups is amazing!
Our Gainesville, GA group meeting
Healing foods.
Attendees of our Gainesville, GA group
Can't go wrong with prayer when healing strong!
So much to learn and take home from our meetings.