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The HealingStrong group network began after a team of holistic cancer thrivers and caregivers came together to offer a faith-based holistic conference and retreat:  2013 HealingStrong Conference and Retreat.  Speakers Chris Wark, Ty Bollinger, Cherie Calbom, Robert Scott Bell, Dr. Linda Isaacs and others taught holistic principles that heal, but more important -people connected. Hope was given, and lives were changed.  It was life-giving and participants wanted to continue to meet long after the event was over.

From it, a true grassroots movement of local groups was formed and continues to gain momentum today. Today, HealingStrong groups are made up of people whose desire is to get and/or stay healthy, using a holistic approach of natural, non-toxic therapies.

HealingStrong Groups meet all around the United States, Canada and a handful of international countries.  Our groups are independently run by amazing individuals who have experience with holistic therapies as a thriver, caregiver or practitioner.

These leaders have completed an application process with HealingStrong, actively participate in monthly leadership and continuing education calls, and agree to follow a HealingStrong curriculum and present information and resources that align with the organization.

Story of HealingStrong Groups


HealingStrong provides group leaders with a faith-based curriculum and resource guide that covers topics on diet, detoxification, supplementation, exercise, sleep, emotional healing, environmental toxicity, and much more. On occasion, outside speakers will participate in these meetings and provide greater insight and value to a particular topic or health subject matter. The groups are designed to help others to connect with those who have a desire to learn more about a holistic pathway to healing body and soul.


Our groups are led by individuals who are passionate and committed to our mission and vision and want to connect with others on a healing journey. To learn more about what information is presented and to gain insight into the content and material, you can download our Holistic Group Resource Guide here. It is a tool that all of our group participants can use to study alongside a local group or at home alone. Also, for sample pictures and videos of meetings, we invite you to review video testimonials from local participants below, or go to our HealingStrong Facebook page .


To find out more information about a group, email the Group Leader. The email can be found by simply moving the map around, ZOOM IN to your area and click on your city to get started. International Groups — move the map around. Use two fingers if you are on your phone.  You can search for a specific city and state or area, but if you don’t see it popup, they may not be exactly in that location. ZOOM IN on the map just to be sure if one doesn’t come up.


Consider starting your own group. It’s a great way to encourage others along their personal journey, and the curriculum and materials, along with the network of other leaders makes it super easy. You don’t have to be an “expert”. Groups are constantly being added, so be sure to check back here for the most current group locations. New groups are added every two weeks. If you’d like to start a group in your city, just click the Start a Group button below the map to apply.

**Important Note: Groups meet at various days, times and places during the week. Please reach out to the group leader on the tab and confirm information. If you cannot reach the group leader, please let us know by emailing us at:

HealingStrong Group Leader’s are part of a network of thrivers, caregivers and practitioners

We believe healing is a personal journey that is best traveled together – by empowered, connected, and educated individuals. One of the ways HealingStrong makes a difference is through identifying and empowering local individuals with training and resources necessary to offer impactful community groups.

Our HealingStrong Group Leaders are provided the following digital access:

Detailed Leadership Guide with instructions on how to start a group (including tips from current leaders!) (This is also available in Spanish!)

12 scripted monthly lessons on diet, detoxification, emotional healing, supplementation, primary holistic therapies, adjunct therapies, and more and includes group activities and discussion questions with each lesson.

Shared filing system that includes resources for each lesson and powerpoint presentations.

12-months’ of lessons worth of shareable recipes and affirmation cards with scripture to launch each lesson.

Links to over 250 natural healing resources.

Video summary library to dozens of holistic healing videos, including group access to popular resources.

Team huddles/support calls with group leaders and HealingStrong mentors offers resources and insight to lead a group well. These calls feature speakers, authors, practitioners and thrivers like: Chris Wark, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, Lynne Farrow, Dr. Daniel Nuzum, and others.

Marketing and branding with an organization that has its site on hosting a group in every city, every state and every country around the world.

Discounts to all HealingStrong events and conferences. (ie: HealingStrong Live Event – November 3, 2018)

As part of the HealingStrong network of group leaders, you receive access to local holistic expert video and resource materials.

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