Reaching Out

HealingStrong’s call to action is to educate, encourage, equip and empower those on a healing journey, giving them hope, and connecting them to local groups that can offer support and help. Noone should have to heal alone, and we are doing everything we know to do to help make those connections, educate the public, and empower change — one group at a time. We could not do this without your faithful giving and belief in our mission. Thank you!

Lesson and Resource Guide
for Holistic Health

This lesson and resource guide addresses cancer head-on, the lessons support the wellness of individuals with any illness. This guide is intended to be a companion study guide for you with your HealingStrong group. If you are not part of a HealingStrong group, this guide can be used to support you in your independent research and self-study. Our intention is to equip you with a framework to help you on your journey.

Committed to Good Stewardship

Making the decision to give is significant. HealingStrong uses your gifts prudently and strategically. Every resource we have — monetary, time, people, experience, knowledge – goes directly to help educate those seeking a more natural holistic approach to prevent disease, and combat illnesses effectively through empowering local community groups. We have grown from 20 groups in 2016 to over 100 groups in less then a year. We need your support now more then ever!


Our mission is to connect, support, and educate individuals facing cancer and other diseases with evidence-based non-toxic therapies.

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Looking Ahead

We have many exciting projects on the horizon. Your support allows HealingStrong to keep looking to the future. Donations go towards the on-going need for Spanish translations, the growing HealingStrong support groups and the need for regional staffing and coordination. Every little bit counts.

2018 HealingStrong Live!

Created to Heal Strong

This year’s HealingStrong Live! event invites our partners to enjoy an amazing line-up of some of the best speakers and creative artists around. The event will be held in front of a live audience at a beautiful made for production television studio. This event will reach tens of thousands of viewers through cross promotion of our speakers and honored guests, and live stream broadcast.


HealingStrong App

Download Now!

The newly designed HealingStrong app will have a collection of recipes, inspiring affirmations, heartfelt prayers, insightful health talks, and amazing stories of hope and success. All of this, along with access to valuable HealingStrong resources to support those on their healing journey.

In Our Hearts

Gil was a founding team member of HealingStrong and lived many years beyond his initial prognosis of advanced kidney cancer. He helped start this organization and we carry on his memory and legacy. Thank you for supporting HealingStrong!

In Loving Memory of our Founding Team Member, Gil Montoya
June 18, 1948 – November 28, 2015

Your donation helps support people like Gil who make healing choices that are best for themselves and their families and are looking for a community of support to Heal Strong.

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