Our HealingStrong Live! 2018 Conference was LIFE Changing for almost 9,000 people who attended or tuned in online. We have captured over 7 hours of content professionally recorded from our speakers like: Chris Wark, Dr. Patrick Quillin, Dr. Tony Jiminez, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Cortney Campbell and others. Get the HealingStrong Live! 2018 Conference for yourself or for a loved one and experience it all over again, or for the first time.

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A message from Suzy Griswold, Founder & President

This video made me, Chris Wark and so many others tear up at the recent HealingStrong Live conference because the personal messages from our groups all over the world brings it all close to home!

A few highlights from this Amazing Event

  • Dr. Quillin: Incredible message and SONG, and powerful poignant points, like: “If it doesn’t rot or sprout, throw it out!” and….”Every Cell In Our Body is Evesdropping on our Thoughts”
  • “Fasting not only has tremendous physical benefits, but draws us to a more intimate place with God.” – Dr. Tony Jimenez.
  • Chris Wark: The power of forgiveness which is “for-giving it to God” will make a world of difference in one’s healing journey! AND…”Singing reduces stress and improves immune function.”
  • Ty and Charlene Bollinger: Honored by our Team and then shared how they have overcome personal struggles and very real dangers their family has encountered as a result of the Truth About Cancer.
  • Incredible Worship and Healing Music by professional musicians and worship leaders from Bethel Church in Redding, CA.
  • Stories of Hope from Cancer patients who have beat the unbeatable cancers. Bailey O’Brien (Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma) shares her personal testimony, and Aster Mullins, a mother of a stage 4 malignant brain tumor son shares her message of healing hope through the power of prayer!

Includes special bonus of additional speaker e-books and special edition of Created to Heal Strong downloadable ebook.

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