HealingStrong is a non-profit federally approved organization made up of a growing network of HealingStrong Groups located in the United States, Canada and some international countries. A true grassroots movement that began in 2013 by holistic cancer thrivers and caregivers who came together to make a change. 

As we seek God for healing in this season of our lives, please join in for a collective reading of His Word from Genesis to Revelation.

Please join as often as you like as a listener, a reader, or a truth-seeker. If not daily, please join us wherever you are able to. All are welcome. From the convenience of your home, we will read from Genesis to Revelation for an hour a day, and will conclude the readings in 75 days.

Starts August 1st and ends October 14, 2020
8:00 PM EST daily

"HealingStrong is unlike traditonal health or cancer support groups. They are different!"
- Chris Wark, Square One
Do you desire to find help and support in your community? Do you want to network with others that believe like you, are like-minded like you?
Do you have a desire to help and minister to others by sharing your experience and passion to encourage, educate and support those on a healing journey? Let us help you to become part of an amazing network of Group Leaders.
We can only accomplish our goals through the support of people with hearts to truly stand with us on the front-lines helping people find true hope in healing. Your prayers and financial contributions make all the difference.
Starting at $5 a month, you help us and we want to bless you. Working together with partners to offer our members exclusive resources, discounts, webinars and more.

Would you like to support the mission of HealingStrong?

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Group meetings are led by cancer thrivers, caregivers, practitioners or those who have experience with holistic strategies. They are always free, encouraging, informative and full of hope.

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A HealingStrong Resource with over 150+ pages of lessons on diet, supplementation, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, easy to make recipes and Biblically-based affirmation cards, with research links links to helpful resources. This accompanies our group curriculum.

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No one should have to heal alone.

Healing is always easier when done in community. HealingStrong exists to connect you with others in your community who are also implementing or interested in pursuing natural strategies to heal.

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