Our group directory will provide you with local and online HealingStrong Groups, HealingStrong @Home opportunities and HEAL Bible studies. 

What if there isn't a group in your area?

If there are no HealingStrong groups in your area, we would love to support you in getting one started. It’s easy to register and we offer many resources and guidance to bring a support group to your community.

Find community by connecting with others online or in-person in your local area.

IMPORTANT: Contact the Group Leaders to confirm the meeting information.

You can perform a search using your city, state, province, country or by category. The suggested method of searching is by clicking on the “target” icon below to share your location to find groups nearby. Searching with a smaller range will yield better results when searching for a local group, i.e. city vs state, state or province vs country.  If you would like to search for online groups, use category and keep the location open.  For Canadians, instead of searching by country, at a minimum use the name of your province or territory.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the group leader you tried to contact did not respond in a timely manner, please email us at help@healingstrong.org and we will find someone for you.

Submit your request for our HealingStrong Prayer team to pray upon. Please check our Group Directory to connect to a local or online HealingStrong group.

Introduce a friend or family member to HealingStrong and start the journey of healing body, soul and spirit together. Healing is always easier when done in community.

Please share the name and email address of the person that you’d like to invite, and we’ll do the rest.