Unrelated Business Activities

HealingStrong operates as a 501c3 non-profit entity and our group leaders are independent volunteers but represent the collective team of HealingStrong and therefore, must adhere to this important standard of never conducting business gain as part of your HealingStrong meetings. The USA IRS defines unrelated business activities as activities for commercial gain unrelated to the exempt purpose of an 501(c)(3) organization.

Some Group Leaders do have businesses related to the context of HealingStrong; however, Group Leaders are not allowed to sell or promote your business at the HealingStrong meetings or in your role as a HealingStrong Group Leader.  This is a conflict of interest.  We can help you work through any questions that you might have if this pertains to you.

The HealingStrong name and logo are never to be used for commercial purposes or financial gain in order to protect our members from ever feeling pressured and to safeguard our tax-exempt status.

To clarify:

  • Group Leaders, members, speakers, or guests may never approach members to purchase any commercial products or services.
  • Group leaders may never promote themselves or other persons,
    organizations, products or services for financial gain.

Violations of nonprofit laws can result in retraction of HealingStrong membership and legal prosecution. HealingStrong prioritizes legal representation and takes this very seriously. Protection of our members is of utmost priority.


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