HealingStrong is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and tax-exempt corporation under State of Georgia and Federal regulations. HealingStrong is not a registered non-profit outside of the United States.

HealingStrong Groups are independently operated. Healing Strong Groups are expected to comply with Local, State/Province, and Federal regulations.

Groups and Group Leaders may not conduct business activities unrelated to the exempt purpose of HealingStrong. Group Leaders who desire to fundraise must complete a volunteer fundraising agreement with HealingStrong Headquarters to ensure compliance with all local, state/province and federal regulations.

Corporate Partnerships may only be contracted by the HealingStrong Board/Headquarters. This is to safeguard our mission of the organization, to ensure our members’ privacy, protect members from possible fraud and commercialization, and assure HealingStrong Corporate’s compliance with
nonprofit and tax-exempt regulations.


1. Introduction and Purpose
2. Group Definition
3. Affirming Core Values
4. Group Leader Membership
5. Group Membership
6. Nonprofit
7. Unrelated Business Activities
8. Privacy
9. Meetings
10. Materials
11. Logo Use
12. Group Administration
13. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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