Group Membership

While membership is not required to attend HealingStrong Group meetings, we encourage participants in HealingStrong Groups to support HealingStrong with a donation of any amount and receive their Holistic Lesson and Resource Guide that accompanies the group curriculum.

These donations further the mission and outreach of HealingStrong and to support members in need. Benefits of membership are explained later in this lesson.

Individuals are always welcome. The generosity of our members allow for scholarships for those who are not in a position to contribute financially.


1. Introduction
2. Purpose
3. Group Definition
4. Affirming Core Values
5. Group Leader Membership
6. Group Membership
7. Nonprofit
8. Unrelated Business Activities
9. Privacy
10. Meetings
11. Materials
12. Logo Use
13. Group Administration
14. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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