Group Membership

All HealingStrong group meetings are always free to the public.  We rely on the our group leaders to communicate the HealingStrong resources with their  participants, especially encouraging all participants to download the Holistic Lesson and Resource Guide that accompanies the monthly group leader curriculum.  By doing so, they automatically become part of the HealingStrong group membership and get access to many benefits!

These donations further the mission and outreach of HealingStrong and support members in need. Benefits of the group membership are explained below.

Individuals are always welcome to meetings no matter if they download the guide or not. The generosity of our members allow for scholarships for those who are not in a position to contribute financially.  We offer ways for our group leaders to provide access to those financially strapped to access our materials. We never want it to be a burden for someone to get life-giving information.

Group Membership Benefits

  • HealingStrong Participant and Resource Guide with over 150+ pages of helpful lessons,recipes, affirmation/prayer cards, links to important lesson resources, and much more
  • Education and support from your trained group leader and fellow members in evidence-based holistic healing in compassionate and supportive group meetings
  • Quarterly newsletter with articles and testimonials on holistic living, and caring for your mind, body, and spirit
  • Discounts and scholarship offerings provided by the holistic community through HealingStrong Corporate sponsorship as a benefit to the members.
  • Access to purchase HealingStrong items to help you declare your personal HealingStrong journey
  • Special pricing for Corporate Sponsor products and services. Healing Strong receives a donation on each purchase from the Corporate Sponsor. This may be the same as above
  • And more…


1. Introduction and Purpose
2. Group Definition
3. Affirming Core Values
4. Group Leader Membership
5. Group Membership
6. Nonprofit
7. Unrelated Business Activities
8. Privacy
9. Meetings
10. Materials
11. Logo Use
12. Group Administration
13. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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