Group Leader Membership Benefits

  • 1-Year license to use the HealingStrong Curriculum Leader and Participant
  • Supportive meetings and calls with a HealingStrong Mentor or Regional Leader
  • Educational webinars with inspirational speakers, specialists in holistic healing and healthy
    living, authors and HealingStrong leaders. (Past speakers include Chris Wark, Dr.
    Veronique Desaulniers, Lynne Farrow, Dr. Daniel Nuzum and others)
  • Order print materials like flyers and class printouts at a discount at your local Office Supply
    (Chain Name) or large print orders delivered to your home address
  • Order event items like signs, banners and tablecloths, shirts, and promotional items
    delivered to your home address
  • Special pricing for Corporate Partner products and services. Healing Strong receives a
    donation on each purchase from the Corporate Partner.
  • Discount on Tickets to the HealingStrong Group Leader Conference
  • And more…


1. Introduction
2. Purpose
3. Group Definition
4. Affirming Core Values
5. Group Leader Membership
6. Group Membership
7. Nonprofit
8. Unrelated Business Activities
9. Privacy
10. Meetings
11. Materials
12. Logo Use
13. Group Administration
14. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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