Group Definition

A HealingStrong Group is a local, independent group of patient-to-patient advocates and educators who desire to help others to heal and stay strong using evidence-based natural strategies. These groups offer a point of connection, education and encouragement to those seeking information about holistic strategies, or wanting to share their experience with others.

A HealingStrong Group follows a 12-month curriculum that will introduce lessons about evidence-based diet, detoxification, exercise, emotional healing, non-toxic protocols and adjunct therapies.

Each meeting includes engaging activities, a prepared 30-45 minute lesson, discussion, and shared resources that include affirmations and prayers based on God’s word, recipes, and a FIYAA launch encouraging an intentional focus on forgiveness, yielding to God, and abandoning negative expectations.

HealingStrong does not provide medical advice. We make no claims to heal any disease or other ailments. All meetings are freely offered and no goods or services are ever sold at the meetings.


1. Introduction
2. Purpose
3. Group Definition
4. Affirming Core Values
5. Group Leader Membership
6. Group Membership
7. Nonprofit
8. Unrelated Business Activities
9. Privacy
10. Meetings
11. Materials
12. Logo Use
13. Group Administration
14. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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