Group Administration

Meeting attendance is recorded within 2 days of the group meeting via the secure Group Leader Portal. This is to help you maintain member contact information, to help us communicate with them, and to report our activities. If a Group Leader notices that a Member is no longer active, the Leader is expected to reach out to the Member as a gesture of support.

Group Leaders are expected to participate in leader orientation, continuing educational opportunities, and program support.

Regional Leaders are experienced Group Leaders and serve as mentors. Regional Leaders provide assistance for any issues pertaining to HealingStrong and your members’ well-being.

If you decide to dissolve your HealingStrong Group for any reason you are expected to notify HealingStrong Corporation.


1. Introduction
2. Purpose
3. Group Definition
4. Affirming Core Values
5. Group Leader Membership
6. Group Membership
7. Nonprofit
8. Unrelated Business Activities
9. Privacy
10. Meetings
11. Materials
12. Logo Use
13. Group Administration
14. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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