Affirming HealingStrong’s Core Values

HealingStrong™ Groups are the core of our community, and your commitment will let us know that you will align with our standards and core values as a HealingStrong™ group leader.

HealingStrong members come to learn about evidence-based natural healing strategies, share their experiences of pain and recovery, and receive supportive encouragement in a secure setting free from pressure.

HealingStrong believes that we GET TO come alongside people during a healing season and we will never abuse this trust for personal or commercial gain. Group Leaders receive no remuneration or compensation for their volunteer service.  Our team at HealingStrong are some of the most committed individuals whose desire is to serve.

Please read carefully our HealingStrong™ Core Values before proceeding as these resources have been prepared so that you can decide if representing HealingStrong™ as a local leader is something you can affirm and do. We understand that not everyone believes the same as we do.  HealingStrong asks that if you join as a group leader, you will respect our core values while serving in the group leader role. These core values are the DNA of what we teach and how we operate as an organization.


1. Introduction and Purpose
2. Group Definition
3. Affirming Core Values
4. Group Leader Membership
5. Group Membership
6. Nonprofit
7. Unrelated Business Activities
8. Privacy
9. Meetings
10. Materials
11. Logo Use
12. Group Administration
13. Accept Responsibility and Apply

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Keep in Touch