Dr. Linda Isaacs

I offer individualized nutritional protocols for cancer and other illnesses, and had the privilege of speaking at the first HealingStrong conference.  I was moved by the loving and supportive atmosphere created there. I applaud HealingStrong for their plans to equip local patient to patient groups with the tools they need to prosper. Properly run small 

Chris Wark

There are time-tested principles of health that lay the foundation for healing the body, which are incorporated into the HealingStrong program.  The power of the HealingStrong Groups comes from fostering a vibrant, synergistic, loving community where patients get inspiration and motivation, are empowered with information to take action (or change direction), and are encouraged to 

Ty & Charlene Bollinger

We fully support HealingStrong not only as our friends, but also as partners in our mission to educate the masses, expose the lies, and eradicate cancer, because doing so begins with connecting, teaching, and resourcing people.  This is exactly what HealingStrong is all about.

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers

HealingStrong is a grassroots movement that supports people in need of direction for their healing journey. The HealingStrong team is heart-driven and has provided a much needed service that gives people hope and assurance. Navigating a healing protocol is no easy task, yet HealingStrong provides that structure that facilitates the process.

Robert Scott Bell

On my radio show, I speak with many thousands of people a year, providing information about nutrition and strategies that enable people to unlock their power to heal.  HealingStrong is a unique program, changing the landscape of hope for people seeking nontoxic cancer therapies by educating and supporting them from a deeper, grassroots level. I