Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Thriver – Ann Cooper

For those of you who wonder if holistic therapies REALLY do support advanced terminal diseases, like stage 4 pancreatic cancer, listen to Ann’s Story.  She shares her journey, what she did to support her healing and best news yet — she will join all of us at the HealingStrong Conference and Retreat. For those who are not familiar with the prognosis of STAGE IV pancreatic cancer, it is a less then 1% survival rate of 5 years.

Ann’s own story reminds me of a conversation I had with a cancer patient years ago. In 1997, I was a student at University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health in Houston, Texas.  During that time, I worked part-time with a local cancer foundation helping researchers to study a trial pancreatic cancer drug.  In order for the patients to be accepted into the study, they had to have advanced metastatic pancreatic cancer and have failed other treatments.  I had the tremendous privilege of interviewing our patients and recording their progress during their office visits.  I met dozens of patients and their families during a time in their lives that was life or death, and unfortunately saw many come and go due to failure or death while on the drug.

But there was one patient that was doing amazing —  his tumor had regressed to the point of minute detection. One particular morning, this patient’s wife stopped me and whispered — “You know what we are doing?”  I said…”No, tell me”, expecting she was going to give me some news about their afternoon plans. She then proceeded to explain that they were immersed in an intense macrobiotic diet.  I had no idea what a macrobiotic diet was, and after hearing her tell me what it entailed, I really had no interest in learning more, considering I was living on a Piccadilly’s Cafeteria’s fried chicken and mashed potatoes with gravy diet.  I chalked it up for interesting conversation and never thought about it again, until my own healing journey almost 12 years later.

It’s amazing how our brain works to recall conversations that happened for less than a minute of our lives with near strangers.  I can hardly remember conversations I had with my husband 2 days ago.  (Coincidence that I recalled this one?  I don’t think so.)  As I put two and two together, through my own experience of diet and detoxification to support my healing, as well as hearing countless other testimonies, like Ann’s, I’m encouraged at the essential fundamentals we have learned in our own healing journeys, including the necessary radical dietary changes.  For many, like the family I met many years ago at the clinic, or my friend, Ann, in Colorado — a macrobiotic type diet was key!

Ann’s story is important to share with others.  It brings hope in the midst of an often hopeless situation. You do not want to miss this amazing interview.  I am blessed to call her my friend and fellow HealingStrong thriver!

Ann Copper





Ann Cooper, Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Thriver

Radio Interview

Join Ann and others like her who have healed through the use of holistic, alternative therapies at 2013 HealingStrong Cancer and Retreat.  This event is exclusively designed to educate, empower, encourage and strengthen others to heal strong and make it count.  Thank you, Ann, for making it count!