HealingStrong.com was created out of a passion to share our experience and hope in healing strong. Any recommended products or resources come directly from our own experience or from others we have encountered who are Healing Strong.

We have learned that our doctors are limited by the American Medical Association and Federal Drug Administration of what they can do to treat cancer. As a matter of fact, treatment of cancer in the U.S. by medical doctors is accomplished in one of three ways: surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. Anything else may be subject to a lawsuit and even loss of license. So, we first want to say – our goal is not to put down the medical establishment. No. Many medical conditions which would have been a death sentence 50 years ago are now easily cured with the advancements in medicine. However, while these advancements have made significant impact on other diseases and health problems, cancer is different. We are here to tell you what we have learned in our own journey to healing that was not readily available to us in our doctor’s offices. We want you to be empowered when you are making decisions about how best to treat YOUR body. Healing Strong is not licensed to provide medical advice, nor should it be a substitute for medical advice. This site is an education and learning site only. The information presented has not been approved by the FDA, AMA or any Federal or State agency. While you should consult a licensed, qualified medical physician for any issues concerning your health, we encourage you to also be a well-informed self advocate. In the end, the route you choose to heal is your choice. Heal Strong!

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