Jim and his wifeIn His Own Words: I had a visit from a friend that I hadn’t seen in awhile.  As we talked, he suddenly got a stern look on his face and inquired about the area behind my ear.  I had been growing two spots there for about a year, one had reached the size of a pea and the other smaller.  Both spots were brown to black in color.  He immediately got a little angry with me and said his Dad had just died from melanoma cancer, and it looked exactly like what I was growing.

I had been going to a dermatologist for an annual visit, but I think I skipped a year.  Every year, the same diagnosis; some pre-cancerous areas that he would either scrape, freeze, or use a chemical rub on, and a lecture, “Stay out of the sun”.  Next year; same pre-cancerous areas, same treatment, same lecture.  But this time when I went to show him my new spots, he took a biopsy and said he would call me.

The “call” came a few days later when I was working by myself cutting firewood.  He said I had melanoma cancer that had metastasized and spread into my body.  This time, though, the lecture was different; immediately see a surgeon, do not question anything, and do exactly what he tells me.  I sat down on a piece of wood, alone, and cried for awhile.

The surgeon was actually a very nice person, calm and polished.  He explained they would remove a circle about 4 inches in diameter from my neck.  I asked how deep, and he said he wouldn’t know until he got in there.  I had visions of a large portion of my neck being removed for something the size of a pea.  I also had problems with being put to sleep and signing a carte blanche agreement to remove whatever he deemed necessary.  After the surgery, discussions would follow on chemo and radiation.

I had known for some time a wonderful lady who was 100% committed to proper diet, supplements, juicing, and holistic treatments – a real crazy lady, until now when I needed her.  I could not, and did not, consent to the surgery despite extreme pressure from medical staff, friends, family (except my wife) until I talked in earnest to the crazy lady.  I remember talking to her and getting a lot of info, but the one statement I remember the most was her saying, “It’s just cancer.  We can deal with that.”

I also met another lady who had melanoma in the same area I did, under her hair, and went through the surgery with the exact same surgeon that I had seen.  She had the surgery 5 years ago, was pronounced clean, and was cancer free.  One year after the surgery, the cancer was back in the same area.  She refused the second surgery that was going to totally disfigure her neck and shoulder, and she became a “crazy lady” also.

The two crazy ladies both suggested a third one.  This next nutritional, holistic based person administers the “Reams” testing procedure.  The Reams test uses a simple saliva and urine sample to measure very important aspects of your body’s functions including pH, salts, sugars, and urea’s.  (For more info on “The Reams Biological Theory of Ionization” you can read his book, “Choose Life or Death” by Carey A. Reams.)  What my test revealed was a very acidic pH level in my body and high levels of toxins.  After much self evaluation of my lifestyle, which included 10-12 cups of coffee a day, diet sodas, and convenient packaged foods, it all made sense.  Cancer needs a toxin to start, grows best in an acidic environment, and feeds off sugars.  I was a walking petri dish for cancer.

Shortly thereafter at the Healing Strong conference, I listened to a speaker who discussed dental problems and mercury based fillings as a possible cause of cancer.  Upon returning home, I immediately began to research dentists who practice the proper removal of mercury-based fillings.  As a general rule, I don’t like dentists, but the person I found was very knowledgeable in holistic dentistry and very supportive of natural treatments.  She found 4 mercury-based fillings, a couple that were loose exposing toxins, and an infected jaw bone that was dumping toxins.  Not so difficult to comprehend, my cancer was within 1-2 inches of that area.  Additional testing found my body to be high in mercury levels – no surprise there either.  Even though I had a fear of dentists, I wanted those fillings out and my infection cleared up, so I worked with this wonderful, marvelous, dentist who I came to trust and admire.

So at this point, I had 5 “not so crazy” ladies that were a strong influence on me:  My extremely supportive wife, 2 friends that believed and practiced the holistic approach, a nutritionist, and a dentist.  There were others that offered great encouragement, but these were my “fab five”.

During the first year after my diagnosis, I changed many aspects of my lifestyle.  Coffee, diet sodas, packaged foods, and many other toxic foods were out.  I became more conscious of avoiding toxins absorbed through my skin.  Supplements and vitamins based on the Reams test were in.  Detox programs and products also were in.  I initiated a black salve program on the melanoma.  (See Pictures Below.)

Jim's Pre Treatment





Jim's during treatment

After Black Salve Treatment. Tumor pulling out.




Jim's After Black Salve





Jim's treatment after black salve 2


Continued healing



Jim's continued healing


Current Picture (October 2014)





The mercury fillings were removed and the jawbone infection was treated.  Juicing and the Budwig protocol were started.  I can’t say I focused on one particular aspect but did a moderate level of a few different programs.  And, most importantly, we need to read, read, read, and read more information to support a positive belief in all these procedures.  If you input enough information into your brain, you are going to believe and feel positive about what you are doing.  My bookshelves are stacked and my IPad is bookmarked with many encouraging pieces of literature.

At this point, it has been 3 years since my diagnosis.  The visual symptoms of cancer are gone.  I do not see an oncologist because, quite simply, I don’t want their negative input.  I did have one medical urine test that showed my program is working with very low levels of cancer indicators.  One of the most amazing side effects was my arthritic joints, which were in constant pain, have stopped hurting and begun healing.  One friend has remarked how my skin tone is so much better.  My attitude and temperament is much improved.  I don’t get as angry about little things.  My wife even told me that I smell better.  (I didn’t know I stunk before!)

If a person takes time to educate themselves, it simply makes sense.  I do believe in the need for a doctor’s help at times.  I recently broke my toes from a farming incident, and the first place I went was the emergency room and a follow up podiatrist.  I needed their help (but I refused their painkillers).  And I may need the help of a doctor in the future, but I honestly believe at this stage in my life in my journey with cancer, the best treatment for me is what I can do for myself.  If a person takes time to read, study, pray, and get help from a chosen few, you will be amazed at the results.

Recommended resources:









Cancer Free by Bill Henderson

Radical Remission by Kelly Turner

Super Immunity by Joel Furhman

Food Is Your Best Medicine by Henry Bieler

Flax Oil by Johanna Budwig

Cancer Salves by Ingrid Naiman

The pH Miracle by Robert Young

Cancer:  Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger

Choose Life or Death by Carey Reams

Favorite quotes:

Live Simply

Love Generously

Serve Faithfully

Speak Truthfully

Pray Regularly


Leave Everything Else to God.

— Dr. Frank Graddock


Learning is not compulsory……… neither is survival. — Edwards Deming


You can feed your body, Or you can feed your cancer. — Chris Wark