Lesson and Resource Guide for Holistic Health


This guide is intended to be a companion study guide for our HealingStrong group meetings and includes more then 150 plus pages of researched methods, articles, techniques, with added resources. If you are not part of a HealingStrong group, this guide can be used to support you in your independent research and self-study. Our intention is to equip you with a framework to help you on your journey.

Our Goal

To come along-side others to help educate, encourage and equip with tools and strategies to heal strong and stay strong. HealingStrong is a process, and while there are no guarantees on outcomes, by experiencing hope through implementing these strategies, connecting and encouraging in a group setting, one is empowered to own their own health.

“There are time-tested principles of health that lay the foundation for healing the body, which are incorporated into these HealingStrong lessons. For some patients, healing is a process of trial and error to find the right combination of nutrition and therapies that will support them best. I’m a huge fan of HealingStrong because I believe we can learn from the experience of others, and we can help each other. As it says in Proverbs 24:6, “in the abundance of counselors, there is victory.”

Chris Wark, Stage 3 Colon Cancer, Author Square One Cancer Coaching Program
(Pictured here with two of our group leaders: Mahlet and Tiah)

This lesson is an introductory lesson that provides an overview about the mission and purpose of the group meetings.

Learn about how a person’s attitude and thinking make the biggest difference in overcoming their challenges.

Key concepts about the causes of chronic disease and cancer are covered including a quick look into what turns a cancer cell rogue.

Learn why supplements are beneficial when healing and what some of the most important and common supplements are.

Choosing and sticking with a non-toxic protocol is a very personal and serious decision, requiring focus and determination to heal.

In this lesson we will look at the hundreds of natural therapies we can use to help aid our bodies in healing.

Understanding toxins in our food, and potential risks of commonly used products, and contaminants in our water and air.

When we take charge of our health, we sometimes need to make necessary changes and corrections to help the body heal strong.

Properly handling what enters our mind is an essential part of healing. The mind/body connection is powerful.

The body is designed to move. Exercise aids the body in the healing process by strengthening our overall condition.

Dental clean-up is an important component to healing strong. Recognizing and addressing these issues is critical.

Sleep is essential and can’t be ignored to heal the body and mind. This lesson explores how sleep, meditation and breathing affect healing.