Here’s What’s New With HealingStrong

I pulled into the Ace Hardware last night with my juicer in tow, a 25 lb. bag of carrots, two big bowls of juicing greens,  a coffee enema bag, bottle of Essiac Tea, and apricot kernels ready to share my story with a HealingStrong community in Braselton, Ga.  This never gets old to me.  7 years ago, a diagnosis of cancer sent fear through our home, but what has come from that journey is nothing less than God’s grace and His abundant blessings.

This week, I have had the pleasure of being part of 6 different HealingStrong empowered events in communities all around Atlanta.  People of all ages, background, knowledge base, and experience are meeting in libraries, natural food stores, practitioner offices, churches, and YES, even an Ace Hardware store.  My heart is bursting with so much joy and gratitude that the message is going out.  People are realizing that there really is hope and CANCER or DISEASE is NOT something to fear.  We can take our health back.

Why would you consider spending time with a HealingStrong empowered group?

Well…for many – you have a story, a healing journey that by sharing it with others will offer encouragement.  People are looking for hope.

For others, you are afraid because of a diagnosis but something keeps nagging at you that there is a different way to approach dis-ease (whether it is cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, mental illness, or something else) – you know it is time to do something different.

Maybe you are a caregiver and you know there is more that you can be doing.  Oh, so many reasons people show up at our little meetings.

Our groups are very structured and include topics related to diet, detoxification, supplementation, emotional healing, non-toxic protocols and so much more.  We offer handouts with a list of all of the science-based research that led us to develop the curriculum.  We sometimes watch videos, host  speakers, but always – we connect with one another.  It is a special time for me and the team of HealingStrong.  These groups are getting it!  Communities are waking up.  People are sharing their stories, and lives will be saved.

Consider joining us next month.  For more information on how to contact a group leader in your area, please go to:  Here are some fun pics from the groups!  This week, I was so happy to connect with so many of you!


May God bless you all as you seek to learn and to share with others what you have learned.  Thanks for making HealingStrong a part of your day today.


Suzy Griswold, Founder


P.O. Box 3245

Cumming, GA 30028

HealingStrong is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, supported 100% by volunteer efforts.  Our mission is to educate, connect and encourage those seeking comprehensive natural strategies to heal strong and stay strong. Please consult your healthcare provider for diagnosis, medical advice or treatment.