Natural Healing Groups Near You

Hi friends,

These last few months have been super exciting around here at HealingStrong. More then a dozen of us have been busy working together to launch new community groups focused on natural strategies to heal strong and stay strong.  We are truly humbled that more then 20 people from around the country and Australia expressed an interest in working with us to test and provide feedback of our new training, mentoring and support materials for community groups.  To help with our efforts, HealingStrong received a significant donation of $30,000 from The Truth About Cancer in December 2015.  We are busy putting every dollar to use to expand our natural healing community groups with evidence-based education, encouragement and support.

Can you imagine the possibilities when a grassroots effort of well-equipped people springs up — joining together for a specific purpose to gain wisdom and understanding as to why natural strategies are a viable option to heal strong and stay strong? One of my favorite verses explains taking wisdom a step further….to understand the why. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.  Proverbs 4:7

BookCoverThe group curriculum being launched by the new test groups these next couple of months will include:

  • engaging activities for group growth,
  • pertinent evidence-based lesson plans,
  • lesson launches with action-steps,
  • take-home resources such as: local audit of community resources, sample recipes, monthly affirmation and prayer cards based on Scripture, and so much more.   Lessons will include interactive teaching and discussion, videos and testimonials.

The group structure is designed to empower, educate and encourage participants.

Lessons focus on:  

Taking back ownership of our health; Diet; Detoxification; Supplementation; Understanding natural protocols (ie: Gerson, Bill Henderson, Gonzalez/Isaacs, etc.); Testimonials of those who have used the strategies; Dental Toxins and much more.

Check back frequently to our website for current group contact information.  We will be adding more information this next month.  Here are just a few of the new locations that will serve as test groups for HealingStrong as we work together to develop training materials, education and support:

Please pray for the leaders and participants in these areas, and if you like, share this post and our webpage information with your friends and family!  

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – These are meeting in FEBRUARY:

Gainesville, Georgia Group Meeting

First Tuesday, February 2nd  — 6:00 pm  

Natural Juice Cafe (2480 Limestone Pkwy, Gainesville, Next door to J & J Foods, 678-928-4833)

Guest Speaker: Pam Bellamy, L. Ac., Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture is a classically trained acupuncturist, nutritionist and wellness coach.  She has completed a four year Master’s Program in Chinese Medicine (including herbal medicine) and has been in practice for fifteen years while helping many change their life for the better!  Don’t Mask Health issues, Heal them!

Contact:  Christine Holcomb, Group Leader (


Cumming, Georgia Group Meeting

First Sunday, February 7th   — 5:00 pm  

North Lanier Baptist Church (829 Atlanta Hwy, Cumming, GA)

Speakers: Suzy Griswold, Holistic Cancer Thriver and Founder of HealingStrong;  and Wendy Hood, certified Health and Wellness Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), a certified fitness trainer, martial arts and kickboxing instructor and motivational health coach. She owns My H.E.A.L.T.H.Kick, and her passion is to Help Everyone Achieve Life Through Healthy Habits. Author of Yummy Food That’s Good for You.



We will keep you posted on upcoming events and activities, new group launches, and other exciting information you will want to know about!

Thank you for your continued interest and on-going support.

Keep on HealingStrong!

Suzy Griswold