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One thing we all like most about HealingStrong is that we are all in this journey together — volunteers, cancer thrivers, and others looking for education, encouragement, and support.  As our organization evolves into one that is focused on YOU, we will be gathering information from our local support groups and sharing them with you through this email list.  The information will be pertinent to those of you looking for PRACTICAL TOOLS to help you in your Healing Strong journey.   Let us know what kind of information you would like to see…email us at:

RESOURCE ALERT:  Right now at the Cure for Cancer Summit in California, some of our HealingStrong speakers are sharing truths to the world.  Dr. Veronique Desaulnier, Chris Wark, Ty Bollinger, and many others are participating in this important event.  If you were not able to attend in person, the event organizers are running a live stream.  Join in!

REMINDER FOR ATLANTA AREA:  Please mark your phones/calendars and join us on the FIRST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH: Learn from Cancer Thrivers about how Food, Toxins, Supplements support healing…Come join our couch conversations– Great Information, discussion and examples from those who are living it out….

OUR NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, May 6th  6:00 pm at the:
Natural Juice Cafe
2480 Limestone Pkwy, Gainesville,
Next door to J & J Foods
Questions: Christine (404) 918-9551,
Natural Healing Cancer Support Group, Meeting the 1st Tuesday of every month in Gainesville, GA.

SHARED AT THIS LAST COUCH-ersations with HealingStrong Thrivers….

♥ HEALING STRONG PRACTICAL TIP:  Are you drinking enough water?  Source of information: “Fit for Life” by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond.

Just how does your body use water? Why is it water you need and not all those other liquids?

Well, fluid intake and water intake belong in two separate categories. Your body consists of 75% water, not fluids, while your blood is 90% water.

What does your body do with this water? It is used in kidney excretion, respiration, sweat digestion, and elimination. All of this requires a minimum of 3 quarts daily. If you aren’t drinking at least this amount of water a day you could be suffering from dehydration. Symptoms of dehydration are feeling thirsty, dry mouth/throat, chapped lips, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, muscle cramps/stiffness, water retention, irregular heart rhythms, constipation, mental confusion, cloudy, strong-smelling urine.

A common complaint of drinking large quantities of water is the inconvenience of “living in the bathroom”. If you are not urinating every 3 hours, you are not clearing your urinary tract. This may seem an inconvenience, but it takes commitment to care for yourself.

Let’s discuss those “other” fluids you may drink. Coffee, tea, and soft drinks make the pH level of the blood more acidic. To counteract, the kidneys release more fluid to balance the pH level. The end result is a greater loss of water and dehydration. So for every ounce of “other” liquid you drink, you need to consume twice that amount of water to bring the body back into balance.

Your water should be spring water, alkaline or reverse osmosis. Tap water has all the chemicals including fluoride, lead & copper, and antibiotics just to name a few.

Don’t leave home without your water!

♥ HEALING STRONG PRACTICAL TIP – Where to find good healthy, organic food

Hall County Farmers Market-Opens in mid-May thru Sept-Saturdays mornings, Tuesday Afternoons at the Farmers Market on Jesse jewel and 985  and Fridays on the square..some organic, all local and fresh

Carlton Farms  products Raw milk, grass fed beef, turkeys, grass fed chickens, eggs, produce, lots of other neat products…some kiefer products too.  delivers to specific locations once a Gwinett, Cumming,  Nature’s Garden-.Organic .produce to your door, meats, sprouts, and other goodies.. can be a little picky on the produce box.

MountainValleyFarm  -Ellijay, Ga  all kinds of grass few beef and pork…must go there.

Wild dream produce– Fresh locally organically grown delivered to your door by the cute farmer that grows it.

North Georgia Naturals-Organic fruit and Veggies. Locally owned by Jeannie of Natural Juice café..can pick up at the store weekly..very fresh…

Publix and Kroger have some organic and so does Walmart…They all carry no hormone chicken, organic apples, celery and carrots..

Some of my favorites…Fresh Market and DeKalb Farmers Market in Atlanta, GA.


Stay the course!

Your HealingStrong Team