Week 9 : John 3 – 9

Honor God with your commitment of time to study His word.
Examine your heart and pray to invite Him into your study.
Ask God to reveal His truths in the passage.
Listen to what He says and write it down.

John 3 – 9

Healing passages:

  1. John 3: 16 – 21 (Jesus’ message of salvation – spiritual healing.)
  2. John 4: 46 – 54 (Jesus heals the royal official’s son.)
  3. John 5: 1 – 15 (Jesus heals the lame man at the pool of Bethesda.)
  4. John 9: 1 – 38 (Jesus heals a man blind from birth.)

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  1. Cybelle McDaniels

    We know that God Jesus is able to heal he’s shown it time and time again. But I love the fact that he is willing and pursues us to heal us inside and out. He is love and love is an action. The lame man lacked faith. Jesus pursued him and encouraged him to move in faith. Lord I pray that the good stuff you’ve deposited in me /us that I would make myself available even pursue those who have a little less faith and maybe even discouraged in the walking out of their healing. In Jesus name

    1. Suzy

      Thank you so much Cybelle for sharing. I love what you said…Love is action. How many of us have loved ones that we need to relentlessly pursue, in love, taking action to help pick them up to get them in front of Jesus. Jesus is our hope. I love your prayer, too! So good. May we be available and maybe even pursue those who need a little boost up and feel discouraged.

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