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Honor God with your commitment of time to study His word.
Examine your heart and pray to invite Him into your study.
Ask God to reveal His truths in the passage.
Listen to what He says and write it down.

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining us on our online H.E.A.L. Bible Study. We will soon restart our study from the beginning to find even deeper meaning and understanding of His Word. For now, we wanted to invite you to review our hope-filled tour of the book of Nehemiah in the Bible with our interactive study guide, From Rubble to Restoration. Download your free copy today or find the study in your Bible App.


Again, we thank you for your commitment, participation and faith and we are so glad you’ve decided to joined in on this journey of exploration. With His Word we can all find renewed encouragement and purpose for the road ahead.

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  1. Cheryl Parker

    I enjoyed reading along and learned a lot. I think that the most important take-away was the overwhelming truth that Jesus came. He proved to the nation that He was God by fulfilling prophesy and doing miracles that included physical and spiritual healing. His compassion for people was evident in His interactions with them. He (God) desires a relationship with each one of us. No matter what we are experiencing, He wants this for us so that we can not only fulfill His purpose for us on earth but also experience eternity with Him. This is the most important truth! Mark 8:36 summaries this by saying “ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” We can experience this relationship with Him and have hope and assurance of eternity with Him when we acknowledge our need for Him, believe on Him and invite Him into our heart and life. WE are the “whosoever” in John 3:16! So thankful today and my prayer is that everyone joining in this study (either past or future) will find a personal relationship with Him.

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