Anti-Cancer Revolution talks

In only a few hours, Ryan Sternagel’s free online Anti-Cancer Revolution talks will begin.

Here’s what Chris Wark says and why he thinks this is a good thing, “Any time we can get medical doctors, and naturopathic doctors, and survivors, people who care about a holistic approach and an integrative approach to health and healing together it’s a good thing. Right. This is not an us versus them situation.

There’s evidence of the power of nutrition and and lifestyle medicine to promote health and healing and there’s evidence on innovative therapies and some conventional therapies to promote survival and recovery

…and we need to combine these things.

Click the link now and register for this exciting event before it all starts Monday afternoon!

👍CLICK HERE and register for FREE

Ryan says, “It’s a revolution against cancer, and also dogma — from both sides.”

👍CLICK HERE and register for FREE

Alternative and all natural approaches to cancer are covered, right along side the best ways to naturally reduce toxicity, mitigate side effects, and even increase the effectiveness of conventional treatment.

This is a truly integrative event that is changing the way that all of us think about healing from cancer…and make sure it never touches any of our families lives again. I can’t wait to see you there.

Plus, look below for an early look at the most anticipated speakers you’ll see…

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Register for the event to get a FREE eBook, Created to HealStrong (worth $12.99)! We’re giving it away to everyone who watches this event! Hurry, today only 6/17…

You will get a copy just for registering right now.

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