HealingStrong should be there, too!

We are excited to announce the arrival of HealingStrong@Home.

Since 2013, HealingStrong has supported small group meetings in communities across the nation, by providing curriculum, training and resources. These meetings have helped make way for individuals to gain life-saving truths and essential information. Today we want to introduce you to HealingStrong@Home — a fresh, new extension of our current group leader curriculum. Enhanced by hands-on lessons, healthy recipes, make-and-take personal care & cleaning products, emotional healing exercises, and so much more! The unique difference between this educational model versus a community group meeting is an opportunity for you, as a facilitator, to conduct half-day, full-day or multi-day experiences in a home setting and includes a 30-day Healthy Living Guide/Jumpstart Journal for your participants.


We want to help you to facilitate a HealingStrong@Home event.

Join our network of HealingStrong Group Leaders today. 

We will help equip, guide and encourage you along the way!

All the content you need is organized into three categories, from which you can choose the lessons and activities:

 Rebuild the Body: Physical Needs

Refresh the Spirit: Drawing Closer to God

Restore the Soul: Balancing our Mind, Will and Emotions

Lessons are designed for ease of use for group leaders, creating opportunities for more hands-on and experiential learning.

Participants will be more motivated when they have a greater sense of involvement and clear understanding of the simplicity of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

We have designed the lessons for ease of use for group leaders, creating opportunities for more hands-on and experiential learning for participants in a relaxed environment. The HealingStrong@Home experiences can be easily incorporated into small groups in churches or in an individuals home. Participants will be more motivated when they feel a greater sense of involvement and understanding the ease of transitioning to a healthier lifestyle. 

Lessons and Activities to Choose From To Help You Teach Others:
Healing Starts In The Home





“No matter what healing protocol you have chosen, whether conventional treatments or a more holistic approach, we all could use a little extra help sometimes. If you have been to a HealingStrong meeting, you know that encouragement, education and support are what we are all about. And now, we’d like to take that one step further by offering an in-home experience that will give you the extra one-on-one support you may be needing right now.”   — Kathy Everett, Board Member and Visionary

Before moving on with the registration process, please confirm that you have reviewed and accept the aforementioned Pillars of HealingStrong. You may also download the Pillars for your records.

Gain access to a special resources brought to you by HealingStrong to help you to move forward in this season of life.

We have the hope to help others heal and stay strong - Mind, Body and Soul, and when we address each of these areas, you will find healing and wholeness.