Do you buy a lot of your everyday needs and gifts on Amazon? Please consider shopping through Amazon Smile. When you select HealingStrong as your chosen charity, Amazon Smile will provide us ½ of 1% of all purchases back to the organization. It is a great way to show your support. All you need to do is to designate HealingStrong as your chosen charity, and you can do that by clicking this link: each time you shop.

If you can, add a new ICON, Amazon HealingStrong, on your Iphone.

When you go to the link, it should know you if you stay signed in. Look at the bottom of the page where the forward icon (box with arrow), tap it and you have a choice:  PICK – Add to Home Screen.  It will then be on your Home Screen – The “A” for Amazon ith a smile.  Us this for all your shopping.

On you Desktop:  go to the link – make sure it says Healing Strong on your page.  Then bookmark your page and put the icon on your desktop.

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